In the 20 years since the company’s founding, Vita has prided itself on being a superior quality manufacturer of European window and door hardware. Vita’s aim has always been the creation of sturdy, lasting, and easily fitted hardware that is contemporary in design with aesthetic appeal, and the same conviction has only deepened with time.

What began as a simple mission to make hardware more durable for Vita customers evolved to become the unique advantage of Vita products. The durability of Vita hardware now significantly exceeds its competitors’, while continual advancements in coating research and development also serve to further enhance the durability, functionality,and aesthetic value of Vita hardware.

Looking to the future, Vita is prepared to provide bespoke solution-based systems to better serve builders and fabricators. As Vita owns and manages its dedicated manufacturing plants, it is uniquely equipped to offer precision designs customized for demanding environments, making durability and technical precision available to an ever-expanding range of applications.


Vita provides trouble-free window and door hardware that will require no replacement for decades to come. Vita’s advanced coating technology, combining aesthetic appeal with superior durability, will satisfy the most discerning consumers of today and tomorrow.

Vita also provides simple, ready to install door and window gearing. All Vita fittings having passed strict standards and are certified by the BBA, UL, FCC and CE.In addition, Vita offers bespoke solutions, designed and engineered with precision at Vita’s own manufacturing plants, which are ISO 9001 certified. Lastly,Vita’s streamline ‘order-to-deliver’process provides minimal lead time and on-time delivery for all Vita customers.