TGH 2000


Türguard hotel electronic card key lock is specifically designed for
hospitality industry.
Unlike mechanical key, keycard are easy to carry and higher security.
The keycard can be read from any direction within 3cm without
insertion requirement.
Enhance convenience and efficiency of hotel management, easy maintenance.


  • Türguard delicate European stylish design made in one piece stainless steel, seamless and no welding.
  • Provided variety surface finishes and door handle styles to coordinate with hotel interior decoration.
  • Burglary resistant lock made of stainless steel tested 100,000 cycles.
  • Conceal override mechanical key to open door in case of emergency or power failure.
  • Hidden batteries and mechanical key avoiding malicious damages.
  • The Türguard lock uses four standard AA size alkaline batteries.
  • When batteries are low, the LED light gives alert and beeping when card key opening door.
  • When lock is low power, housekeeping card won’t be able to open the door but guest card will still opening.
  • Opening the door from inside will not consume battery power.